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removable retainers

-Clean your retainers daily with your toothbrush and water. 

-Cleaning tablets can be used periodically for a deeper clean. 

-Never boil your retainers or put them in the wash or dishwasher. 

-Always store your retainers in their protective case to prevent loosing or breaking them. 


Please bring your retainer to each appointment.

If you have any questions about your retainers, please call us right away.

Permanent retainers

-Clean your permanent retainer with floss threaders daily.

-Try to avoid biting into crunchy, sticky foods to prevent cement wear and breakage.

-Wear your overlay retainer at night.


If a cement dot is no longer attached to your tooth, please call us right away and wear your overlay retainer until you can be evaluated.

*Teeth have a natural tendency to shift after removal of orthodontic appliances, due to genetics or unpredictable facial growth. The best way to prevent this tendency is to wear your retainers as prescribed! Keeping your teeth straight is your responsibility. 

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